About Us

Justo Vulputate Vehicula

Hello there, I am Jaya Gupta, be that as it may, you found me in this internet world equipped with a mediocre click, Welcome to my tiny corner of the www.travelsbunny.com.

It’s the stories where I meet new travel buddies on my journey. It’s laughter and tears, joy and pain, excitement and frustrations, and the real adventures of a girl how fixated on investigating the world, getting as lost as with her camera in hand trying to communicate in an adventure language and meeting astonishing individuals where I do not really get their languages– if see me, they come to say hi 🙂

No one taught me how to travel, or told me it was possible to save and make money to do it, or that I wasn’t crazy for wanting to go travel solo just so I could see the world.                                                             
It wasn’t until I explored solo for the first time that I really learned more about myself.  It let loose me to all the possible results the world brought to the table. There I experienced another culture, untamed life, I had recently gotten some answers concerning in books, new sustenance, new memories, the implicit second thoughts, eat noodles for a considerable length of time with my hairpencil since I overlooked chopsticks or a fork, the unspoken regrets, and the calculated risks of dancing down a road less traveled to expand my horizons and dare to find new ones.

Heck, I hardly know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, because I invest and live for my todays. I become the chief architect of my own destiny, every day brings a new chapter.
I hope to make you discover new places, and maybe a new way of traveling that isn’t just focused on places and ‘achievements’, but I’m not here to tell you to walk in my exact footsteps. I don’t think everyone in this world should / wants to be like me or others. This is a way of life GO fearlessly after your dreams and hopes to meet you wherever you are in the world.

Happy exploring!
Hugs, Jaya.